What are Gel Nails?

 Please read this if you need help with understanding the difference between 
Gel Nails and a Gel Polish Manicure. 


Gel nails,
(Like acrylic nails) add durability, length and strength to help prevent breakage for long, weak or thin nails. 

They are created by applying layers of a goopy thick Builder Gel to your natural nails - sculpted or with tips glued on for length. 

Each layer of the goopy Gel cures under a UV lamp for 2 minutes. 
The more layers of Gel, the stronger the nail.

Warning: Some salons offer “Powder Gels” there is no such thing! 
When a salon offers powder Gels, they are usually applying acrylic nails with a gel polish top coat for shine. 
This is not a true gel nail service!

For colour or finishing, you can apply Gel polish over Gel nails. 

Any of the Gel polish brands are wonderful over builder gel.

                              GEL MANICURE

Gel Manicure, or Gel Polish Manicure,  are for natural nails.
A Gel manicure is the same as a regular manicure, only using a gel polish to finish.
Some brand names you see for gel polish are “Shellac” “Gellish” “OPI” etc. They are all nail polishes made from curable gel substances but sold and labelled by different manufacturers. 

The Gel polish is applied similar to traditional polish, but it cures under a UV or LED lamp.
Like regular nail polish, Gel polishes are for colour and shine only. 
They should never be applied to an extended tip without first adding Builder Gel to secure the extended length.


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